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Heard on the Street – Last Month

Heard on the Street

– March  2018 – by Cathey Carney –

Our winner for the February Photo of the Month was Gina Gann of Meridianville, Al. Gina guessed that the sweet boy pictured was Jer­ry Hayes of Channel 19, and she was right. That curly hair gave it away! Gina worked for Huntsville Hospi­tal for many years as secretary and in the Admin side of the hospital. She doesn’t know Jerry but took a guess and won a year of “Old Huntsville”!

Then, I did the best job ever in hiding the tiny heart in the February issue. The first person to call after 8am on the 15th was JoAnne Wilson and where was it? Look carefully at the recipe page 20, right under the “P” on the word Recipes. See it? I’m just really good. Many got out flash­lights and magnifying glasses but had no luck. JoAnne is retired but loves taking care of grand children Gabriel Hataway, 5 and Erin Hat-away who is 13. Her oldest grand­child is Andrew Hataway, 18, and she loves them all DEARLY!

The Kiwanis Pancake Breakfasts are getting ready to start and the first one is the Kiwanis West Club’s event on March 17, Saturday, from 7:30am -11am. It will be held as usu­al at the Mayfair Church of Christ at the corner of Garth and Carl T. Jones. Something about those pan­cakes with hot sausage and fruit and orange juice just hits the spot. Mark your calendars – there’s always a huge crowd.

So many local people have trav­eled to Fayetteville, TN over the years to buy fabric at Sirs on the square. It was there for so many years and some of the employees had worked there the whole time and knew shoppers by name. They had a terrible fire in mid Febru­ary that rendered it a total loss. We wanted to let the owners and em­ployees there know how very sorry we are to hear that. Sirs was a fun destination and many have such good memories of going there.

Neighbors in the downtown area and Five Points were happy to see Sunoco Fuel Mart open up at the old BP location on Holmes and An­drew Jackson Way. What you may not know is they carry a huge selec­tion of wines and craft beers, includ­ing the beer from Rocket Republic, Straight To Ale and Yellow Hammer (local breweries for you folks new to Huntsville).

One thing I learned the hard way – when we have a little snow and you’re trying to sprinkle something on it to melt the snow – DON’T use cat litter. I made that mistake and (1) it does nothing to melt the snow and (2) it stays on your driveway/side­walks forever until you track it into your house. I thought I was on to something but NO.

As you know, Free2Teach is the organization that provides teach­ers with free school supplies of every kind, and Eula Battle is the Ex­ecutive Director. She has a host of volunteers who help stock and she couldn’t do it without them. Well this year alone they hosted a re­cord of 1,991 teacher visits. If you haven’t been there, at 3054 Leeman Ferry Rd. in Huntsville, it is a huge warehouse where the teachers grab a shopping cart at the front and just shop for their classes. Nearly 20% of our community’s school age chil­dren live in poverty, and this is just one thing that ensures all kids have the tools they need to be success­ful. Congratulations to Eula and her hardworking team!

Many people have moved to oth­er cities after living in Huntsville, two of those folks are Steve and Ibis East who are now in Florida. It was so good to hear from Ibis recently who told me that her husband Steve loves all the interesting history that has taken place around North Ala­bama. Some other HP friends that are still here are Don and Connie Miller, Linda Young and Cathy Worthy.

Rosemary Leatherwood and her sisters want to wish their sweet Dad Billy Richardson a Happy Birthday in Heaven on March 10th. He’s been gone for 4 years but to them it seems like yesterday. Alot of love in their family and he’s always remembered.

We have a new Old Huntsville machine in New Hope! It is at Dot’s Dairy Den and Dot’s daughter says to come see her – you’ll love the food and pick up the latest magazine too!

Tom and Jane Barr are the histo­rians who live on Monte Sano and know so much of the history up on the mountain. We were so sorry to hear that Tom had passed away on Feb. 7, at the age of 88. Tom and Jane traveled extensively and were married 67 years. Tom worked for NASA as contractor for the Wernher von Braun team, and was a member of the Telemetry Group of the NASA Astronomic Lab. In addition, he and two partners brought the first televi­sion station to Huntsville – Channel 31, as well at the Huntsville News, a daily newspaper here. One of his favorite hobbies was riding through the woods on motorcycles with his kids and grandkids. His survivors include wife Jane; sons David Barr and Gary Barr (Debbie); daugh­ter Suzanna Barr Moody (Darryl); brother-in-law Ron Jones; five grand children; 9 great grandchildren and nephew Todd Jones (Kelley). Tom was an amazing, brilliant and loving man who will never be forgotten.

Jane Eller is Branch Banker at BB&T Bank on Church Street, able to answer any questions you have and always brightens your day – she has such a positive attitude. She wants to wish her daughter Aman­da Acklin a Happy Birthday on March 4. Amanda is a mom of two and works at Lowes. Jane wants to tell her that she is SO proud of her. Also Jane wants to wish her grand­daughter Callie Davis a wonderful and fun FIRST birthday on March 3rd – “Grandma LOVES you Callie!”

I know we’re all ready for warm weather and I even have two tiny purple flowers that are trying to bloom now, even tho it’s still cold out. Earth Touch on Whitesburg Drive will be having their Open House on March 24 from 9am to 4pm with garden societies, planting experts and even a class on azaleas. Check them out!

I’m very happy to wish Dr. Sam Citrano a Roll Tide-themed Birthday on Feb. 14. He turned 92 on Valentines Day and his daughter Lisa surprised him with a yard full of Alabama el­ephants and footballs and all things Alabama football! I hope it was a wonderful day, Dr. Sam!

I was SO honored recently to be invited to attend the Junior League of Huntsville’s Lunch with Leaders. It’s hard to believe but this is the 68th year of Junior League in Huntsville, and since that time they have do­nated over $2 million to various or­ganizations and initiatives through­out our community. They have donated $117,000 for community grant funds in support of over 10 literacy initiatives in Huntsville and Madison County. I was the guest of Nancy Washington Vaughn who is the President of the Junior League, and loved sitting at the table with Nancy and her family. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and Madison Mayor Paul Finley spoke about the futures of our cities and the growth expected. The panel leaders were Ranae Bartlett, Madison City Board of Education President; Kim Lewis, CEO of Project XYZ; and Beth Rich­ardson, Madison Market President of Progress Bank. Moderator was Liz Hurley, and Shelley Delay (Sustainer Director and Past President of Junior League Huntsville) made the panel introductions. Many great ideas were presented and it was a very inspiring event.

Honey’s Restaurant has been on the South square in Fayetteville since 1923! It was a pool hall at one time but now has the best slawburgers and fries and wings and many in Huntsville like to make the short trip to eat lunch there. Also they are now a location for an honor box for Old Huntsville magazine.

It hard to believe that handsome Sam Zeman is anywhere over 80 let alone 90 – Sam just celebrated his birthday Feb. 24 with friends and family and is a member of Golden K Kiwanis. Liz Hall Zeman is his feisty wife and makes sure they keep traveling!

Dama Gerald of Charleston SC wrote to tell us that her aunt in High Point NC just turned 90 and all the kids, spouses, cousins came from all over the US to help her celebrate. They all live from Texas to Virginia and it all began with the aunt and her four siblings. They subscribe to Old Huntsville and love talking about the stories of this area!

One of my older friends men­tioned the other day that he’s the age now where his clothes will prob­ably outlast him. It IS amazing to go to thrift markets and see how long clothing lasts – unless you’re a kid or work in hard labor – how many clothes do you actually throw away?

So proud of Liz Hurley Hargrove and her husband Dave Hargrove for their recent award by the Chamber of Commerce! They received the Distinguished Service Award which is such a well-deserved honor. The first recipient of this award many years ago was Wernher von Braun. Dave and Liz have done so much for our community.