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Heard on the Street – Last Month

Heard on the Street

– January  2018 – by Cathey Carney –

We had two winners this month, one for the hidden Santa in the December issue and one for the Photo of the Month. The first caller to find my incredibly tiny Santa I had hidden on p. 32 in the Lumpkin’s ad was Mildred Whitlock of Huntsville. She is 87 years old, is retired from working on the Arsenal and has a son & daughter. She is so proud of her 5 grandchil­dren and 7 great grandkids! Con­gratulations to you Mildred.

Then, we had multiple callers for the Photo of the Month who was handsome songwriter George Wells, 86 years old with over 100 of his songs published. The lady who called said she had met him several years ago at an event at Gibson’s BBQ and knew that face! Jenny McCary is from Scottsboro and wins a free subscription!

A group of ladies from Beta Sigma Phi sorority was having dinner at Luciano’s recently (they have that cozy downstairs dining area perfect for parties, groups, etc.) and there were two young men providing the background music. They were amazingly good and they are Jacob Dumbacher who plays piano and Jose Javier Vasquez, Electric/Double Bass­ist. There was a large crowd there that night and the atmosphere was perfect; everyone was really enjoying the music.

I just wanted to take the time to thank those people who are sending Old Huntsville stories that we can use. Your memories are unique and so interesting and this is how many of the old fam­ily stories and “tales” get put into print to be there forever. I know it takes time and thought to cre­ate your story and send it, and I appreciate each of you so much. And if you are a regular reader and just don’t think your story is interesting – send it – I’ll be hon­est about it and if I can’t use it I’ll tell you why! As you all have no­ticed, we don’t publish anything that will hurt anyone and we will NOT talk about politics!

Billy Eaves had an 80th birth­day on December 6. He called us to say how much he loves reading about our local history. His sweet wife Carolyn passed away when they had been married almost 56 years and he misses her every single day. They adopted two children – son Michael Eaves and daughter Eva Combs. He loves his kids and his grandkids too! Happy Birthday to you, Billy.

Jerry Lankford, Post 237 Hon­or Guard Commander of 30 years, has been out of action for several months due to pancreatic com­plications. He hopes to be well enough to return to the American Legion Feb. 1st. The Post and the Honor Guard miss him and wish him well. It would cheer him up to get a card, that can be sent to American Legion Post 237, 2900 Drake Ave., Huntsville, Al 35805.

Everyone may know this but the other day while getting some pens at Office Depot, I noticed they had Medium point as well as Fine and Extra fine. As my eyes get older it’s hard to read even my own writing so I bought the me­dium point roller balls and love the heavier ink.

Rosemary Leatherwood of Ole Dad’s BBQ in Hazel Green has a birthday on Jan. 28th and we wish her a happy, cozy birthday. She hasn’t been feeling great lately so we send love for a speedy re­covery. Her grandson Alex has a birthday Jan. 31st and he will be 10. The family is always think­ing of their loved ones who have passed away, and know one day they’ll all be together.

As many recall, the old YMCA building downtown was really in bad shape when Buck Watson bought it and began renovations years ago. It is now one of the most elegant structures in Huntsville. It’s hard to believe that Buck has been gone a year, he passed away on Jan. 26 in 2017. He left so many friends and co-workers and family who would love to get just one more hug from him.

The employees of the Madison County Sheriff’s office honored Sheriff Blake Doming with a ceremony marking his 34th An­niversary of service to Madison County, Ala. On Nov. 21st. in 1983 Blake was sworn in to ser­vice as a Deputy Sheriff by Sher­iff Joe W. Patterson and quickly rose through the ranks. We thank you for your dedication and hard work and I know your Dad is so proud of you.

I found two fast ways to lose weight. Quit watching cooking shows and printing out the reci­pes that sound great (mostly des­serts). The other tip is don’t burn vanilla candles at night. With those candles burning it smells like cookies or cake and all you can do is start baking and eating.

John E. Carson is a contribut­ing writer to Old Huntsville and he is also a writing teacher. On Feb. 1st he will be continuing the Creative Writing Class with a new program called “The Art of Writ­ing” focused on the basics of writ­ing creatively – open to both new and former students. There is NO FEE for the class that takes place on Thursdays at the Senior Center on Drake, from 1-3 pm. If you’ve ever thought about writing your memories or about your family or past events, this is well worth your time. You can contact John Carson for more information at

If you have access to a Next-Door group, it might be a good idea to join up. You give your email and then you receive real­ time updates about what’s going on in your neighborhood. Lots of missing pets, upcoming lo­cal events, strange people in the neighborhoods, etc. But this year was a bit different because we found out how many packages had been stolen from porches. It seems that thieves see a box on your porch and feel that it’s OK for them to take it from you. I don’t remember this happening ever in the past, but there are ac­tions you can take to hopefully prevent theft. Security cameras are good, requiring a signature upon delivery, or having your package sent to a local UPS office or work address – somewhere that won’t leave your package outside on a porch. Friends looking out for unusual activity is good too. It’s a shame that we have to resort to this but you work hard for what you get. Just be smart about it and be alert in your neighborhood.

Harold Lee Vest had a won­derful story about “The Christ­mas Purse” in the December issue of Old Huntsville, and it is part of an anthology called “Moments in the Sun” that is published by CBA Publishing (local) and is full of po­ems and stories from local writers. It’s available on and is for sure a feel-good book that you need to add to your collection. So happy to see that people are not totally moving to comput­ers from books but still like to hold a book in their hands and turn the pages!

The Christmas luminaries and Tour of Homes in Twickenham and Old Town Historic districts were very popular this year in spite of the high winds. It feels like you’re transported back to the 1800s and is just peaceful and beautiful to drive around and look at the lights. The homes that were decorated were so much fun to see. It takes neighbors all morn­ing to make up the candles/sand/ bags that are put out on the curbs. Then the homeowners are asked to just light the candles in front of their homes. Surprised to see that some of the homeowners were home but just didn’t light the can­dles. Maybe they’ll do it next year. Hope so.

Remember NEVER to give any financial information to anyone on the phone who calls you – if you make the call then you’re in control – but if someone calls you to tell you your computer has a virus and they can fix it – they CAN’T! They just want access to your computer and your financial info. Some trusting people have lost thousands of retirement dol­lars thinking they were doing the right thing. You can’t trust people anymore who call you, just don’t answer at all, or hang up.

Take care of yourselves and watch out for your neighbors. Have a warm cozy January and Happy New Year!