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Heard on the Street – Last Month

Heard on the Street

– September 2017 – by Cathey Carney –

We had several subscription winners in August. Jerry John­ston was the first out of town call­er to find the tiny apple I hid on page 48. Jerry lives in Tennessee. He grew up in Huntsville but left here in the 1970s. Mary Baker has 8 kids, now does a lot of baby sit­ting and said she stopped count­ing at 30 grand and great grand-kids – she was the first local caller to find the apple. Then the per­son who recognized our August Photo of the Month was David Crews. He correctly guessed the little guy as Billy Lenox, uber-talented website designer for many companies as well as this one. David told us he was born in Huntsville Hospital when it was a little brick building on the corner of Governors Drive and Madison Avenue! Congratulations to all our winners!

It was with much sadness that I found that Phyllis Rader had passed away in mid-July. Her husband John Rader worked at Hewlett-Packard for many years as Service Manager, and he and Phyllis were just each other’s loves. They were the best couple, John passed away many years ago. Surviving Phyllis are her daugh­ter Renay Nunn (David); brother Thomas Banner (Lois Ann) and nieces and nephews. Phyllis was a funny, sweet and loving lady who will be forever missed.

Trade Day Around the Square will be happening again this Month on Sep. 9 – from Sam to 4pm. It’s all around the court­house square and there’s plenty of parking. All FREE! Take a break from the football games and get a little exercise! This is put on by the Lion’s club and you know you al­ways find something to buy! Also remember this is the one time of year that the Golden K Kiwanis make available the older, back copies of “Old Huntsville” maga­zine that they’ve stored in their warehouse, for a donation. Mark your Calendar!

I was at Lewters Hardware recently looking for a good drain cleaner and Johnny Brewer showed me an all-natural powder that you mix with water and pour into the toilet, sink etc. I tried some and it worked SO Well. I loved that it wasn’t full of chemicals too. The name of it is Zep Drain Clean­er and they had it in stock when I was there last.

Johnny Johnston has written many stories for Old Huntsville magazine and recently down­sized to a smaller home. It’s just harder to take care of a larger home & yard when you get older, just a fact of life. But Johnny was the honoree for his 80th birthday party that took place in the com­munity room at his new place and it was packed! Great food, lots of family and friends really helped Johnny celebrate his 80th.

We were so sorry to hear that Russ Letson recently lost his brother Jackie Dolan Letson, at the young age of 68. Jackie lived in Hazel Green and was a US Army Veteran who received the Purple Heart during the Vietnam War. He then began a career with the Kroger Corporation that spanned over 40 years. He is survived by his wife Katie and their children Jamie Letson, Kristy Seamons and Tracy Pennington; three brothers, Russ Letson, Donald Letson and Bobby Letson. He leaves 14 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren and many extend­ed family members. We send our deepest sympathy to the family.

My Mom was Annelie Owens and spent the last 12 years of her life at Redstone Village. She loved every day when we would come by and spend afternoons with her, but in the last months she was calling for her Mama and brother in Germany who had been gone for many years. Mom would have been 97 this September. She passed away this past January, and we miss her everyday. Give your mom an extra big hug if you are with her, one day you won’t be able to.

A special hello to Kathryn Frank of Louisville, KY who grew up in Huntsville and still loves the people here. Come visit!

So many are getting calls now from scammers or people looking for money. It’s irritating and time-wasting and you end up hang­ing up on them anyway. I started doing something years ago that works for me. Everyone has caller ID now on their phones. If you get a call look at the number on your caller ID. If you don’t recognize the number, DON’T ANSWER. If it’s an important call from some­one who needs you, they’ll leave a message and you can call them back – so simple. You’ll be amazed at the time you’ve saved as well as the aggravation. Just think – if the majority of people did that how frustrating it would be for the call­ers trying to waste your time.

Being a caregiver for someone with Alzheimers, Parkinsons or Dementia can be draining in so many ways, the caregivers need help too! There’s an excellent workshop that is taking place Sep. 12 at the First Baptist Church on Governors at 5:30pm – 8:30pm. Dr. Elizabeth Hall and Dr. Wil­lie Brunetti will be the presenters, hosted by the Huntsville Asso. for Pastoral Care. You will gain some very valuable information. Call 256.883.6539 for pricing and de­tails. Registration includes supper and info to take.

Another sweet lady who lived at Redstone Village passed away Aug. 7. Laverne Robertson Owen was 86 and loved all kinds of mu­sic, including Elvis Presley. She is survived by sons Mark S. Owen and Ray C. Owen, Jr.; as well as daughter Deborah Owen Nore, three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She raised an amazing family who will never forget her.

Well, Malcolm Miller had the party of a decade. For his 90th birthday party at Floyd “Tut” Fann Veterans Home, he filled the community room with hun­dreds of his friends & family, of all ages. His family provided BBQ and fixings and drinks and there was even live music with fiddle-player Willard Whitaker, gui­tarist and nephew Doug Miller, Danny Miller, David Miller and Matt Miller and award winning songwriter Jim McBride. There were SO many people taking pic­tures and videos, a huge cake and the party went longer than ex­pected. What a great memory for so many. Happy Birthday to Mal­colm on your first 90 years! (Sad update, Malcolm passed away on Aug.26).

I know many of us feed birds and outside critters, but I made the mistake of “adopting” two orphan raccoons who were eat­ing birdseed I was putting out. Pretty soon I was feeding them cat food and red grapes, which they loved. They were really cute and would wait for me every morn­ing, looking into my back porch. But then when there’s no food the little guys got a little insistent and pushed in the screen trying to get in. So I convinced them to move elsewhere and even tho I miss those little faces everyday, I sure don’t want them to depend on me for food. They were com­ing out during the day, which was dangerous for them too. Lesson learned, with a heavy heart.

So to see if you’ve read this all the way through this, I will hide a tiny picture of a baby rac­coon somewhere in the pages of this magazine. I will start taking calls for the tiny coon on Sep. 15 – NO EARLIER. This one will be nearly impossible for you to find – I’ve already lost it! However you can call to guess the Photo of the Month at any time.

Working in a hospital can be very busy and often stressful. But there is one man in St. Thomas West Hospital in Nashville who makes it fun. He’s been sweep­ing floors and keeping all clean for the past 37 years at the hospi­tal. Freddie Wiggins realizes the emotional impact of losing fam­ily members or watching them in pain, so if someone walks by he will shake hands with them, give a hug or just make them smile. He asks people how they are and re­ally listens, gives High 5s to kids and oftentimes breaks into song (he’s got a great voice). He was re­cently interviewed by Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News and is just an amazing, caring man. Thank you for what you do, Freddie.

Have a calm & aggravation-free September and remember to always be watchful of your sur­roundings and stay safe.