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Heard on the Street – Last Month

Heard on the Street

– November 2017 – by Cathey Carney –

Congratulations to Carolyn Fanning of Huntsville for being the first correct caller to iden­tify our beautiful toddler Photo of the Month for October as Tallulah Bankhead, who was born right here in Huntsville on the East Side Square. Caro­lyn is a native Huntsvillian who watched the city grow to the size it is today. She worked at Huma­na Hospital for years and taught 2nd grade in our city school sys­tem. Carolyn loves reading the stories of Malcolm Miller, who actually has the feature story in this issue.

Ianthia Bridges is someone I see every time I go to the bank at BB&T Bank on Church Street near downtown. She’s great at her job and great with customers as well. Ianthia wants to send love to her mom Joyce Ramsey who lives in Camden, Alabama and we send greetings to her as well!

There’s a new book for children written by George Wells – it’s called “Pee Wee the Christ­mas Tree”. It features a little tree who watches all his larger friends cut down to go to loving homes and he dreams of being chosen and decorated so that children will love him. There will be a video filming of the book, read by Ron Slaughter and videotaped by Adam Varden. This will take place on Nov. 4 at 10am at Vision Ministry in the Bunkhouse, off Hobbs Road in south Huntsville. This book would make such a welcome gift for the younger crowd.

I got a call the other day from a really sweet lady who told me that she couldn’t read the maga­zine any more. She was in her 80s and said her eyesight had gotten really bad and it broke her heart that she could no longer read. A year ago I went to the Huntsville Public Library with a proposal – that I would furnish all the past and current issues if they would consider putting Old Huntsville as a book on tape, so that people could listen to the stories each month rather than have to read. Bobby Lipscomb at the library is helping me with that and some­one gave a grant (anon) to help with it! I am checking with Bobby to see where we are with that but I sure hope it works out. Will keep you informed for sure.

Ardent Press is a local group of writers and recently an­nounced that national awards were presented to Nancy Owen Nelson (“Searching for Nannie B) and Denise Bogard (About Elise -2018 release). Another Ardent Press writer, Jamie Dodson (“Black Dragons Attack – The Nick Grant Adventure Series), won an Eric Hoffer Award for an earlier volume in his series. Congratulations to these Ardent Press writers!

I found something I loved. I do a lot of gardening and dig­ging in the dirt so always am using a nail brush to get the dirt out of my fingernails. The brush­es I had bought all were hard-bristled and sort of hurt my nails especially after a while and they get stiffer with age. I was brows­ing in U.G. White Store the other day and while looking in the kitchen department found a mushroom brush. It is intended to brush the dirt off mushrooms before you use them. Well it was the perfect size and the brush was rubber not bristles and felt so soft – so I got it for my nail brush and it’s SO much better than a regular nail brush! U.G. White is on Clinton Avenue and they had a few of those mush­room brushes left. I’m so happy I discovered this cause it’ll last a long time! Better get yours be­fore they run out!

Happy Birthday to beautiful Stephanie Troup, who will have a November 16th birthday. She is my daughter as well as a soon-to-graduate nurse! So proud of you Steph.

OK, for you out there with the sharp eyes, I have hidden a chubby but tiny turkey some­where in the pages of this No­vember issue. Now to give all our U.S. readers a chance too I’ll take calls beginning at 8am on Nov.13. The photo of the month calls will be accepted normally, when the paper is distributed early November. Get out those magnifying glasses but I’m pret­ty sure you’ll NEVER find him.

You all know that the Golden K Kiwanis has honor boxes & machines that sell “Old Huntsville” all over Huntsville & a few out of town – Hazel Green, Hampton Cove, etc. But we have an honor box now in Fayetteville, TN! It is our farthest location and was put in about 2 weeks ago. It’s doing really well and is located at Honey’s Fam­ily Restaurant on the square in Fayetteville. Go by there and try their famous Slaw Dogs and Slaw Burgers! They’ve been in business since 1923.

Do you remember People’s Law School? It ran years ago and was a series of law classes that had Allen Brinkley as mod­erator. Each week an invited judge or attorney would discuss his/her specialty and give the attendees great legal tips that you would normally have to pay a lawyer to hear. Each session was videotaped and uploaded to YouTube. The live sessions are no longer held but you can now see them for yourselves, by go­ing to Or just search for People’s Law School and find the YouTube videos. Very informative and might give you some real tips. Gwen Joop is the lady who coordinates this so if you have any questions call her at 256.479.3348.

Rosemary Leatherwood let us know that she wanted to wish her grandson Brewsky Leatherwood a happy 13th birthday on Nov. 4. He knows “Papa” is his Angel in heaven watching over him.

Be sure and mark your calen­dars for Dec. 16 for Christmas In Dixie. It’s a concert that will take place at the Von Braun Civic Center Concert Hall at 7pm with a 6pm pre-show starring local so­loist Bob Smith and “Teenage Elvis” Riley Jenkins. Proceeds from the show will go to benefit The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and sup­port our troops and their fami­lies. The planning committee members are Bennie Jacks, Troy Trulock, Bill Tillman, John Per­ry and Mark Bidwell.

Lot of people love the Broad­way Theatre League with pro­ductions at the Von Braun Civic Center. Here are a few of the shows coming up: Les Miserables (Nov. 7-12, 8 shows); Cabaret (Jan. 5-7, 5 shows); The Sound of Music (Jan 26-28, 5 shows); and Million Dollar quar­tet (Feb. 16-18, 5 shows). Call 256.518.6155 for more info.

Lowe Mill on Seminole Drive has something for everyone. For example, each Saturday 10-4 you can stroll thru the halls as the Flying Monkey Artist Market vendors sell their eclectic prod­ucts at their studios. If you’re into sitting and stitching, Sparkle Studio 103 will show you how to do that on Nov. 3 from noon – 8pm. If you’re into dancing, Thursday night Swing happens every Thursday night in the Fly­ing Monkey theatre. A variety of levels of dance in the Charleston Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Balboa and more. Finally, if you’ve al­ways wanted to try making your own pottery, Design by Hart Pottery Studio 2009 offers a be­ginners session. Check out the web site at They’re open Wed – Saturdays.

Recently Merrimack Per­forming Arts Center on Triana Blvd. featured the band “The Woodpickers” for a one night performance. It was a packed house and the members of the band are all local business peo­ple including Alan Jenkins, drummer. The crowd was on their feet and the music and entertainment was SO good. If you’ve not seen them you’re in for a treat and you don t want to miss their next performance!

If you’re feeling a bit down, buy yourself some flowers! I went to Publix where they sell 3 bunches of colorful flowers for $10 and put them all over the house – really cheered me up. Pay attention to yourself some­time – you deserve it!

Have a wonderful Thanks­giving and love YOU for once.