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Heard on The Street – Current Month

Heard on the Street

– October 2017 – by Cathey Carney –

Our beautiful boy from last month’s Photo of the Month was David Nuttall, a very talented and unique artist working out of Lowe Mill who actually paints “plausi­ble fictitious” maps on the skin of models and he’s been getting lots of attention world wide. So proud to have him in Huntsville and as a neighbor. David and his wife Jodi have a historic home here and love it. Our first caller to identify Da­vid was Janice Shrader who is a busy mom to 3 kids and has made many trips to Lowe Mill over the years. She said my tip gave it away!

The recent hurricanes were just devastating to Texas, Florida and Georgia and so many people are trying hard to rebuild their lives. I’m extremely proud to hear of the thousands of Alabama volun­teers – Utility workers, medical people, construction folks – just volunteers in general who have traveled to the areas that need aid and want to do whatever they can to help. I don’t care what is said about Alabama – we have some of the most generous, caring and kind people in the U.S. And many of these volunteers had to take off from work several weeks at a time just to help others.

I had a few callers who found my hidden baby raccoon on p. 38 (September issue) but the very first to call was Glenn Butler of Meridianville. Glenn (a lady) will be 93 in January. You have some good eyes, sweetie! Glenn moved here in 1959 with her family and worked starting in 1960 at the PX and Food Exchange at Redstone Arsenal and has 4 daughters. Congratulations to you!

First out-of-town caller was Jimmy Hill of Lexington, born in Hurricane Valley. He worked for Martin Industries for 43 years when they were here on Gover­nors Drive. Then Bob Freeman was a winner, from Owens Cross Roads. He worked on Redstone Arsenal for 35 years before he re­tired, but still likes to work a little part time. Congratulations!

Our dear friend and writer for “Old Huntsville” passed away on Aug. 26. Malcolm Miller had been living at Floyd “Tut” Fann Veterans Home for a year or so and had just had a huge 90th birthday party there. In addition to being a song writer, musician, postman, barber and Navy Vet, Malcolm possessed that special talent of being able to tell a good story that touched peo­ple’s hearts, and write it like he told it. He has had a story in near­ly every issue of Old Huntsville. I will continue with that tradition and as long as I have stories that Malcolm has given me over the years, each issue will have one of his tales. He leaves so many who will never forget him, but survivors include wife Lois Miller, daughter Marie Bittle; sons Doug Miller (Susan) and Tommy Mill­er (Lisa); nephews Austin Miller and Beirne Miller; 6 grandchil­dren, 7 great grand children and many other family members.

Harrison Brothers Hardware is a destination for many locals as well as visitors to Huntsville, getting its start in 1897. Well, they are adding an interesting event to their schedule, it’s called “Music in the Loft” and the first one will be held on Oct. 5 at 6pm. There is limited seating and they will be sold out. The very talented musi­cians Ricky j. Taylor and the Live Roots Ensemble will perform – a folk, country and bluegrass band. In addition, Melissa Ford Thorn­ton will be the star of the Storytell­ing Segment. Very fun – for more information call (713) 927-1295.

I had some business to take care of recently at Redstone Fed­eral Credit Union on So. Pkwy just north of Gibsons BBQ and met the nicest lady. Diana Perrin works as Member Services Assistant and she was knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel like I was her best customer. She is a great rep­resentative of RFCU!

We wish a Happy 90th Birth­day to Mr. Richard Campbell of McDavid, FL who will have a big party hosted by his family. He loves the North Alabama area and all of the rich history here.

Many remember the beauti­ful Police Department dispatcher from 1967-1992 here in Huntsville. When she retired she was Sgt. Su­pervisor. Shirley Frazier passed away at 82, on Aug 20. She was a feisty, strong and loving Mom to her kids; daughter Ann Frazier Hill, sons Steven (Ginger) Frazier and John Frazier; an aunt Edna Smith, two grandchildren and three great grandchildren. She was Tom Carney’s favorite aunt and she will forever be missed.

Remember that wooden darn­ing egg that we used to have in the old days and you could repair holes in socks? Well I had a sock that sprung a hole recently and rather than throw the pair away I used a light bulb. It worked perfectly, was the right size and shape and I saved a little bit of $$!

We had a request from a read­er. A lady picked up a dictionary from a thrift shop and when she got home found it was a child’s dictionary. It was dated 1942, and she noticed some writing from a Robert Graham Jones who lived in the 700 block of East Clinton Ave. in Huntsville and was a 7th grader in 1942. Kelly hates to throw the book away especially if it might mean something to Rob­ert’s family. Please contact me at 256.534.0502 if you know any­thing about the family and would maybe want this little dictionary.

For those who are telling us that this winter will be another warm one, here’s what the 2018 Farmers Almanac has to say: “Looking ahead, just for fun, the Old Farmer Almanac predicts a cold and snowy winter for the northern half of Alabama: This is based on a 225-year-old formula used by the Almanac, which boasts an 80% accuracy rate.

According to the Almanac, the 2017-2018 winter will be much colder than last winter. Much of the Southern region can expect cold and wet conditions, which increases the possibility of some of the precipitation falling in the form of snow.”

The Historic Lowry House typ­ically has many visitors to their Fright Nights in October but this year looks to be scarier than ever. I hear that release forms need to be signed for younger people and that it is SUPER scary. If you get really scared – don’t go! Be sure and check their website for more information –

I was so sorry to hear that Art Crawford of Huntsville had passed away on April 19th. He and wife Fran lived in one of the historic districts here and Fran still makes that her home. We send love to her and I know Art is safely tucked away in her heart.

Don’t forget the very popu­lar, annual Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll on Oct. 15, Sunday, from 2-4:30 with the Grand Stroll of characters starting at 1:45 pm. Characters stand over their graves and come to life, telling tales.

I think the most beautiful mums I ever got last year were from Ben­nett’s Nursery on North Parkway – they are huge and come in the most delicious colors. They have them now and they add so much to a porch or outdoor garden. Go check them out.

Jan Williams has a knack for telling funny stories about the early days of the Historic Dis­tricts, and if you have a chance to join one of his walking tours, you won’t regret it. His next tour will be on Oct. 7 starting at 10am, in the 5 Points District. They’re all free and very entertaining. For more information visit Huntsville. org/ to find out where to meet for the tour.

Do you remember Kalea Park in Meridianville? It’s just east of the Huntsville/Madison County Executive Airport there. It had its beginnings in the 1930s and was known as the Kiwanis Park origi­nally. Then it became the Boys and Girls Club and then named Kalea Park. Well the owner is putting together a history of the park and needs your memories or it! Did you go there years ago as a kid, or bring your family there? Did you take pictures? He’d sure love to hear from you and then share it with everyone. Please call the Hill family (Tillman Hill’s son) at 256.990.6131.

There are so many scam calls coming through now. Remember NEVER give financial or person­al information over the phone – people who call you will be very convincing and once you’ve given them control, or info about you, it can’t be taken back. NEVER al­low anyone to tell you they want to take control of your computer so they can “fix” it. They want to steal from you. It’s a sad world now when you just can’t trust anyone.

Have a safe October and re­member to support our local shops & small businesses. They need us!