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Heard on The Street – Current Month

Heard on the Street

– February  2018 – by Cathey Carney –

Congratulations to David and Lora Everett of Huntsville for be­ing the first to identify that beauti­ful young lady whom you see ev­eryday on WAAY-TV Ch. 31, Erin Dacy. David is retired from Aflac Insurance and Lora is a Chrysler retiree. They just enjoy life!

Did you know that if you drink plenty of water and keep hydrated, one of the benefits is when you go to the doctor to have blood drawn for any reason, your veins are easier to find? If you are de­hydrated and go to give blood, your veins can temporarily col­lapse and we’ve all seen the bruis­ing that happens then. Just drink more water – it’s good for you!

I don’t need to remind you that while all the U.S. weather peo­ple were telling us what a warm winter we were going to have, Old Huntsville magazine and the Farmers Almanac both were tell­ing you that the Eastern part of the U.S. was going to experience a very hard icy winter, including Al­abama and most Southern states. I used the number of acorns I saw on the sidewalks, and a few other secrets that I can’t divulge.

I know many of you are like me – we can’t wait to get our hands in the dirt and start gardening! This is the time the seed catalogs begin arriving and I am really looking forward to warm planting season.

Buford Warren and Jerry McCutcheon play music at Beth­lehem Baptist Church in Hazel Green but in their spare time they deliver wood to many homes in and around Old Town and Twick­enham in Huntsville. I am one of those who receive a stack of qual­ity wood every year and what I like is the wood is cut the perfect size for my little wood-burning fireplace. Nothing like a hot fire when these cold days are with us.

Speaking of that, I want to say another thanks this year to our Postal Carriers and UPS and FE­DEX delivery folks. It can’t be easy for them on some of the re­ally cold, icy days but we get our packages and mail delivered, to our doors, no matter what. Also a special thanks to the Huntsville Utilities workers who are out there at night if there’s a power outage and we’re in the dark. They are super hard workers and we surely APPRECIATE YOU!

Thinking about Eleanor Keith who really was walloped by the flu and we hope you are better re­ally soon. Also hoping that Gale Nichols is on the mend, she deserves it! It just seems like when you’re sick it feels so much worse in the bitter cold.

I spoke with the sweetest lady in December, and she told me she’d be 90 in January. She had the best memories of marrying the love of her life, Mack McCulloch in 1948 and raising her fam­ily. Verna McCulloch’s daugh­ter called me this week and told me her mom had passed away Christmas Eve. I wanted to send my deepest sympathy to Carol Johnson and her family, she was so lucky to have Verna as a mom and in her life for so many years. In addition to daughter Carol she leaves daughters Gloria Mor­ris and Amy Keel, as well as son Danny McCulloch; 7 grandchil­dren, 7 great grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren. Quite a legacy for a beautiful lady.

I have saved so much time by not answering any calls from phone numbers I don’t recognize. These telemarketers who sit in sweat shops and hope to trick you into giving them your financial in­formation don’t need to get any of your precious time. Remember – if you happen to answer and some slick salesman tries to get any of your personal or financial infor­mation, IT’s NOT LEGIT. They are stealing from you. Outsmart them and just don’t answer. The longer you let them talk the more convincing they’ll become.

My daughter the nurse gives this advice – make sure you get your bone density tests and know the state of your bones. Many falls occur because the bone breaks first, then the fall happens. Make sure you get plenty of calcium and stay moving for strong bones. Thanks Steph!

A man so well known to the community passed away Jan. 5. Samuel “Bill” Spry, Jr. was 93 in March of this past year. He graduated from the University of Virginia but his love was with the football team of University of Alabama. A long-time businessman with Spry Funeral Home, Mr. Spry received his 70 year pin as funeral director from the Alabama Funeral Direc­tors Assoc. He was a long time member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is survived by his daughter Susan Keli (Spry) Padot and husband David; brother James Spry and wife Robbie; six grandchildren; nine great grandchildren; nieces and nephews; and his loving staff at Spry Funeral Home. “Papa” was a kind, funny and loving family man who will be forever missed.

Our Mayor Tommy Battle has filed papers to run for Ala­bama State Governor and we’re so very proud of what he’s done for Huntsville. He would make an amazing Governor but I sure hate to lose him in Huntsville!

Louise Newby lived in Hunts­ville years ago and now lives in Raleigh, NC close to daughter Sherry Stafford. She called re­cently and I loved her memories of Huntsville back in the “good old days.” She has promised to send some good stories so I’m go­ing to look for those!

This is pretty amazing – Mr. Ben Harris of New Hope, AL is having a birthday, not just any birthday, he will be 105 on Feb. 8!! He was riding Harley motor­cycles til he was 98 years old. Ben is a WWII vet and very proud of that. Mary Harris is his sweet wife of 33 years and she told me that they usually go to the New Hope Hardees every Saturday and meet up with friends. Well last Febru­ary Hardees was ready for them and brought over a beautifully decorated cake with candles and 4 tiny motorcycles for Ben’s 104th. Happy Happy Birthday to you Ben!

The Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll has gotten so popular over the years and alot of it was due to the hard work put in by Margaret Belle Crow. She was a member of the Junior League of Huntsville, Huntsville Garden Club and the Huntsville Pilgrimage Associa­tion. Margaret passed away on Jan. 3 at the age of 81. She was a local historian who loved telling stories to schools and visitors. She is survived by daughter Cynthia “Belle” Crow DuCray; son Da­vid “Drew” Crow, Jr.; grandson Dawson Crow; brother George Mahoney Jr. (Kathryn) and a host of friends and family. Margaret lived life to the fullest and made a difference in many people’s lives.

Since the heart is symbolic of Valentines Day, I have hidden a super teeny tiny heart somewhere within the pages of this issue. This is my best hiding job ever. And to make it fair for all our readers and subscribers, I will accept calls if you find the little heart, starting at 8am Feb. 15. No early calls please.

However if you can identify the little boy on this month’s Photo of the Month you may call anytime during February.

Phil Riddick hosted the Al­len Watkins Band in January at his Huntsville Strings location off Willowbrook Drive. The event was sold out and music was so good. Making up the band are Allen Watkins, wife Connie (Carnes) Watkins and bassist Bob Hill. A very enjoyable evening and I had no idea Phil Riddick was such a talented banjo picker! He joined in for a couple of songs and was super good.

Also at this event I met the most delightful lady. Verna Gabel is the 93 year-old Mom of Connie Watkins and was at the music event. She looked so much younger than 93 and was an el­ementary school teacher for 32 years. SO happy to have met her!

Have a warm February and stay safe!