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Heard on The Street – Current Month

Heard on the Street

– April  2018 – by Cathey Carney –

Our Photo of the Month for March was none other than Mitch Howie, who is an attorney on the North Side of the Square. The first person to call and cor­rectly guess that it was Mitch was Nancy Grayson Van Valkenburgh of Huntsville. Congratula­tions to Nancy! When you are the first caller, you win a free year of “Old Huntsville” delivered right to your door each month!

A special hello to my friend Oscar Llerena and his lovely wife Maria. They live in Miami now but he graduated from Hunts­ville High in 1966 and loves to come back here to visit and see his classmates!

So happy to have warmish weather again – Huntsville is just beautiful during the spring and more people are getting into gar­dening and digging in the dirt. It’s good for you!

Two of our readers who live in Murfreesboro, TN contacted us recently. Phyllis and Billy Lawrence will be celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary on April 27. In addition to that, Phyllis has a birthday on April 19th (when the American Revo­lution started, she told me). Billy was a 1962 graduate of Butler High here in Huntsville, and he graduated from University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Con­gratulations to the lovebirds!

You know there’s a pretty easy way to avoid getting sick – keep your hands out of your mouth! If you’re an adult you have no need to put fingers in your mouth! Try it – it works.

We wanted to send a special hello to James & Faye Bobo of Athens. They are loving this warm weather we’re finally get­ting and love coming to visit.

Marjorie Rickard lives in Lewisburg Tennessee but en­joys reading about the history of North Alabama. Her grandson Ron Rickard lives here in Hunts­ville so she visits as often as she can. Come see us, Marjorie!

There are so many activities in Huntsville and especially during the spring and summer months. I can’t wait for Lowe Mill’s Con­certs on the Dock to start, and they will begin on Apr. 20 from 6-9pm. It’s free and you bring blankets, chairs, pets and kids along with your drink of choice. There is a great place there to get food like sandwiches, wraps etc. called Happy Tummy.

Huntsville is full of music lov­ers and one of the most popular annual music events is the Rock ‘N Roll Reunion which takes place at the Elks Lodge on April 14th from 5-ll pm on Franklin Street just south of downtown. It goes on for hours and several bands play music from the 60s, 70s and 80s and it is a PARTY. Everyone gets up to dance and the music is so good. People who haven’t seen each other for a year will see them again at this event. Cost to attend is $10 and well worth it. Food and drinks are available at the Elks bar kitchen.

Ben Shapiro wrote a play that will be presented several times at the Historic Lowry House near Lincoln School. It’s called “The Growing of Ivy” and per­formances begin in April. For more info call the Lowry House at (256) 489-9200.

Many go to Concerts in the Park at Big Spring every Mon­day and those start on June 4 from 6:30-8:30pm. There are good food trucks at these events and it’s free of charge.

So many events – for those of you new to Huntsville the Botan­ical Gardens, Merrimack Hall,Space and Rocket Center, Early Works Museum, Panoply in Big Spring Park downtown April 27-29th, Historic Lowry House tours – it’s just endless.

Also for those of you who love to stay active, there are areas to bike all over the downtown his­toric districts, downtown itself and Monte Sano.

Hazel Green owner of “Ole Dad’s BBQ” Rosemary Leatherwood wants to wish her daugh­ter Jamie Woods a wonderful birthday on April 14. Jamie is Mom to kids Austin and Chase and married to her sweetheart Allen. Hope it’s a great birthday!

Barbara Johnston had a bad fall recently and we wanted her to know that we’re think­ing about you and get well! We know your sweet hubby Johnny is taking good care of you.

Triana is a small town near Huntsville. There isn’t alot of history available, and a group of people are trying to put to­gether some interesting stories/ memories of Triana. Did you ever go to the Chicken Shack or River Club as a younger per­son? Very close to the Tennessee River, oftentimes people would pull up in their boats, dock and go in for eating and drinking. Some of these clubs opened later and stayed open til early in the morning. But there is more to Triana than clubs and if anyone has stories they’d like to share, to become part of this project, send your information to this email:

Many of our residents have ordered packages to be delivered to their homes, only to find that someone has seen the package and stolen it from the porch. Our police department has some tips they would like to share to help out with this:

  1. Know when your package is to be delivered, track it and be home if possible when it arrives. If you have to work or can’t be there, have it delivered to a neighbor.
  2. Require signature for de­livery – it can’t be left unless you sign for it.
  3. Have the post office or UPS hold it.
  4. Have it delivered to your workplace.
  5. When you’re away, require Vacation hold on packages and mail.
  6. Insure the more valuable packages.
  7. Use a large plant or other obstruction on your porch so that the package can be placed behind it.

It’s sad we’re having to resort to this but the world is a different place these days.

Do you remember the last time you put your bare feet on grass? I had read recently that since we wear shoes ALL the time we are never in direct contact with the earth. I know this will sound cra­zy to some but I plan on standing on the grass with no shoes and smiling at the sun. This article said if we do that we will become centered with the earth! I tried it last year and got bit on my foot by a bee. I’ll try it again and this time will look out for the bees.

Did you know that Fresh Market on Whitesburg Drive has their organic chicken breasts on sale for $2.99/lb. on Tuesdays? Nor­mally they’re five or six dollars a pound and the chicken is great. I think their ground beef goes on sale Tuesdays too. Good place to shop, for sure.

If you’re not already a mem­ber of your neighborhood Com­munity Watch you might con­sider joining. I’ve seen more cars driving around lately with Com­munity Watch signs on them (magnetic) and it helps. As just a good neighbor, get to know the folks in your neighborhood and keep an eye out for each other!

Cathy Self had an amazing birthday gift from her sweet husband Mike – if you’ve ever watched Treehouse Masters on HGTV, Mike called and reserved a treehouse for 3 nights at their 10-treehouse B&B in Seattle, WA. What a guy!

Have a wonderful Easter with your family and remember to try to show some kindness to those who don’t have a family to love.