About Us

In June 1989 Cathey & Tom decided to publish a little neighborhood paper that would include local history. Tom always wanted to write stories so this was a good opportunity. Cathey suggested adding recipes, Tom said that would never work but she stuck to her guns and the recipe section was added. They included a few local ads and the venture was on.

The first issue came out a few weeks later, a 12-page issue, complete with a ghost story. Tom and Cathey, not knowing what people would think about it, put one at each doorway in the Old Town neighborhood at night and waited for a reaction. In a month or so there was growing buzz about the little magazine and it grew from there.

In 1992 Cathey’s Dad, Charles Owens, was a member of the Golden K Kiwanis club and it was suggested that the club distribute the magazine. That began a 22-year partnership which continues to present day. Each member of the club (average age is 83) has a “newspaper route” that is assigned, he takes care of stocking the magazine in his machines each month. All the money collected from the distribution is retained by the club for their many charities that benefit children.

The magazine increased in page # and circulation and now includes subscriptions that go all over the U.S. The goal with “Old Huntsville” is not only to provide interesting reading, but also to provide a place where people can send in their memories and have them published. Readers typically don’t throw the magazines away but instead share & save them for future generations.

Many who contributed articles have passed away, but their stories are preserved forever in a little magazine that started out on a back porch as a 12-page publication.

Our Staff:

Publisher – Cathey Carney
Editor – Cheryl Tribble
Operations Mgr. – Sam Keith
General Manager – Ron Eyestone
Social Media – Stephanie Troup
Sales & Marketing – Cathey Carney
“Copy Boy” –  Tom Carney (in memory)
Printing – ColorXpress, Madison, AL
Website/Hosting – Visual 3D LLC, Huntsville, AL